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Florida laws make it possible to seal your criminal record from public view or expunge (clear) your record of misdemeanor arrests or convictions.

Sealing Your Record to Protect Your Reputation

Under certain conditions, you may have the specific content of your police record sealed from public viewing. Prospective employers, college admissions officers and others will be able to see that you have a police record, but will not have access to see the nature of the charges. After having your records sealed for ten (10) years, in most cases you will qualify for clearing your record through the expungement process depending on the nature and circumstances of the charge.

Expungement — Clear Your Record As If Nothing Ever Happened

Expungement is a court process where an individual can petition the court to destroy your criminal records. The clerk of court and arresting agency will be required by law to destroy your electronic and paper records from their systems.

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