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Breaking the news of a divorce to kids in Florida

Breaking the news of a divorce to the kids is a difficult conversation for many parents, but there are things they can do to help ease the blow.

Sooner or later, parents in Shalimar, and elsewhere, who have decided to split up must tell their children. For many, this is one of the most difficult conversations they will ever have with their kids. While breaking the news of a divorce is often upsetting for parents and children alike, there are things that parents can do to help ease the blow.

Talk to the kids once the plans are certain

As soon as people are sure of their decision to divorce, it is advisable that they break the news to their children. This may help to alleviate some of their kids’ anxieties, especially if they have sensed that something is wrong. Furthermore, it allows the children time to begin working through their feelings and coming to terms with this major life change. The Huffington Post points out, however, that people should not tell their kids they might divorce if they are still trying to work through their issues.

Tell all of the children at once

Sometimes, people may feel it is best to tell their older children, while sheltering their younger kids. Psychology Today advises against this practice, as it may place an unnecessary burden on the older children. Additionally, it gives the younger kids the message that they are not able to handle problems. Therefore, it is suggested that people tell all of their children they intend to divorce at the same time. It is also advisable for both parents to be present for the conversation in order to help reassure the children that they are not at fault, are still loved by both parents and will remain a priority.

Leave the negativity at the door

At the end of a marriage, it is common for people to have feelings of anger toward their former partners. When talking to their kids about a pending divorce, however, it is suggested that parents avoid such negativity. For example, parents may choose to tell their children that they are no longer getting along and think it would be best to live apart, rather than divulging that one parent was unfaithful. Furthermore, people are advised to avoid bad mouthing each other in front of their children.

Be prepared to answer questions

While it may take some time for them to process their feelings, it is common for children to have numerous questions about their parents’ decision to divorce. Initially, kids may wonder why their parents cannot work it out or if the split is their fault. After the news has set in, they may have more pragmatic questions, like where will they live and how will visitation work?

Therefore, parents should be prepared to answer some of these types of questions. If there are things that have not yet been worked out, it is okay for people to tell their kids that they are not sure yet. This may help relieve some of the worries that children may have when they learn their parents are planning to divorce.

Work with an attorney

Going through a divorce in Florida, and other localities, is often difficult for all of those involved. Minimizing the animosity and handling the matter efficiently, however, may be helpful for some families. As such, those considering divorce may benefit from obtaining legal representation to help guide them through the process.

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