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In most jurisdictions, divorcing spouses must submit disputes to mediation or other type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. Taking your divorce disputes to court for consideration and ruling by a single judge will not be allowed until all reasonable efforts at a negotiated settlement have been exhausted.

If your pending divorce in the Florida Panhandle region will include contested issues that require resolution, call the Leininger Law Firm, P.A. Attorney Michael Leininger is trained as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. He charges a reasonable hourly rate to serve as a mediator between spouses as unrepresented parties and for parties with attorneys; to direct negotiations toward an efficient resolution of complex matters involving child custody, spousal support and property/debt distribution.

From our offices in Shalimar, our firm provides mediation and other ADR services for clients throughout the Florida Panhandle region. Call toll free 888-615-9643 or contact our office by email to arrange a consultation with Shalimar family mediation lawyer Michael Leininger today.

Mediation Services For Contested Complex Issues

Successful mediation and ADR requires an understanding of the law and what the judge will allow in the way of an agreement between the parties or what may potentially happen if the judge is left to rule on the issues. Mr. Leininger will offer insight and legal direction to parties seeking to resolve complex issues, including the validity of prenuptial agreements, the equitable division of personal and marital assets, and unusual child custody and parenting arrangements. He has served as lead divorce attorney in a significant number of cases taken before mediators and arbitrators. He uses this experience to help parties avoid the pitfalls that often result in stalled negotiations or a settlement that will be overturned by the judge.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Fast-Track Negotiations

Most divorce issues can be resolved quickly with a skilled mediator at the helm. Mr. Leininger knows how to reach the prevailing issues of disputes and will help parties who are unrepresented or who have attorneys arrive at quick, fair settlements, often saving you significant time and expense.

Call an Experienced Fort Walton Beach Divorce Mediator Lawyer

Make sure your lawyer offers the combination of knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence. At Leininger Law Firm, P.A., we provide the skilled legal representation you need, without sacrificing the personal attention you deserve. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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Attorney Michael R. Leininger began his legal career in real estate law and commercial law serving small businesses in a variety of ways.

Known for his rigorous attention to detail and his commitment to being overly-accessible at all times, he is a lawyer with unwavering honesty, fairness and integrity.

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