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Many business transactions are straightforward and not contentious. At other times, disputes may arise right away or arise years later. As a general practice law firm located in Shalimar, Florida, we have had the opportunity to help many small businesses in the Shalimar-Fort Walton Beach area with their commercial litigation needs. Our attorney will work to reach an equitable settlement and is able to take the case into the court room if that proves necessary.

At Leininger Law Firm, P.A., we take pride in our experience in this area of business law, in our timely delivery of communications and in our availability for client questions.

Litigation of Florida Business Disputes

The types of business litigation we have handled in the past include:

  • Collections — Act as a collections entity on a contingency basis to collect money or goods owed to your business
  • Buy/sell disputes — Includes real estate transactions, equipment purchase/sale and the delivery of services with or without a written agreement
  • Joint ventures — The dissolution or modification of a venture partnership
  • Commercial code warranties — Also includes defense of commercial code violations
  • Debtor/creditor — Representation of either the debtor or the creditor in business or real estate transactions
  • Employee/employer disputes — Including discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful terminations for either the employee or the employer.

As is evident from the short list above, our lawyer will represent you in small business litigation in a variety of dispute situations. There are some issues however, such as pension plan and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) coverage that we do not handle. Please call 850-502-4982 or contact our lawyer for an initial consultation about your business litigation needs. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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Meet Michael Leininger

Attorney Michael R. Leininger began his legal career in real estate law and commercial law serving small businesses in a variety of ways.

Known for his rigorous attention to detail and his commitment to being overly-accessible at all times, he is a lawyer with unwavering honesty, fairness and integrity.

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