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Business Formations

Organizing Your New Business

Starting a small business is an exciting time. Perhaps you have developed a detailed business plan, have been studying your competition for years and have investors ready to go. Or, perhaps you spotted a lovely building that would make a great bed and breakfast, so you are buying it quickly. No two businesses are alike. The business form you should choose will be different depending on your goals.

At Leininger Law Firm, P.A. , we have completed numerous business formations for entrepreneurs throughout the Florida Panhandle, the Shalimar-Fort Walton Beach area and for residents and businesses in other states. Shalimar business formation attorney Michael Leininger will sit down with you to discuss your business needs and goals and help you choose the right business form.

Business Formation Types

Our law firm handles the incorporation/business formation process for a variety of clients. We assist those in the service industry, tourism and hotel industry, condominium and vacation home developers and many others. The business form you choose generally depends on tax implications and your liability exposure.

  • S-corporation — Lets you enjoy the limited liability of a corporate shareholder but benefit from the generous partnership tax rules.
  • C-corporation — The business is taxed at a different rate than individuals. A C-corporation is often formed by those with multiple investors or companies who want to offer stock options to key employees.
  • LLC — A limited liability company is a good choice for many because of its relative simplicity and flexibility. This has become the most popular business form over the past few years.
  • PLLC — A professional limited liability company is for professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers. It is similar to an LLC, but can only be used by those groups.
  • Nonprofit corporation — A nonprofit organization is a business that does not have to pay taxes. The officers, directors and members of the group may not be liable for the debts of the business or personally liable in certain legal matters, such as personal injury lawsuits against the organization.

Contact a DeFuniak Springs Corporate Formations Lawyer

When it is time to organize your business, experienced business lawyer Michael Leininger can help. Call 850-502-4982 or contact our Shalimar law firm online to discuss your needs. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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Attorney Michael R. Leininger began his legal career in real estate law and commercial law serving small businesses in a variety of ways.

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